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Producers of the movie Short Term 12 have launched the Short Term 12 Project, a national art initiative that explores the themes in the movie through the creative work of fans and supporters.

The film is about forgiveness, rebirth, and the many shapes that family, home, and love can take. The project aims to illustrate the diversity of these common human experiences through the transformative power of art. All of the characters in the film use various forms of art to express themselves when words just aren’t enough: Grace draws, Mason cooks, Jayden writes stories, and Marcus makes music.

In partnership with Heart Gallery of America, Foster Club, and Children’s Action Network, the project is inviting individuals to create and share drawings, paintings, photographs, or other creative expressions, based on some of the themes of SHORT TERM 12. To start, they’d like to explore a topic at the heart of the film: Home. However you choose to interpret “Home” is entirely up to you—they welcome different perspectives and outside-of-the-box ideas!

Any and all who wish to contribute to the Short Term 12 Project are encouraged to submit. The hope is that this online exhibition will become a sustainable forum for thoughtful discussion and positive support.

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