Thanks to the hard work of hundreds of volunteers around the country and the generosity of many individuals and organizations, the Heart Gallery project has grown exponentially, expanding to dozens of states and cities.

If you are unable to bring a child into your home, please help us find those who can with a generous donation to Heart Gallery of America Inc. Your contribution is tax deductible. Any amount $1.00 or more is appreciated.

Heart Gallery of America ® Inc. is a Florida nonprofit corporation. We are tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Please make a donation to
Heart Gallery of America, Inc

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You may also contribute by mail:.

Make check out to:
Heart Gallery of America, Inc.
and Mail to:
Matthew Straeb
Heart Gallery of America, Inc.
202 Island Circle
Sarasota, Florida 34242

Monetary Contributions:

Your monetary contributions to Heart Gallery of America ® Inc. will enable us to provide:

  • Technical assistance and training to Heart Gallery organizers across the US
  • Recruitment activities for the children featured on our web site
  • National Adoption Awareness campaigns
  • Search for child/family matching opportunities
  • National Adoption Month events in November
  • Conference and/or training for community volunteers and staff who support adoption of children