Vermont - Project Family

Vermont - Project Family

Wanda Audette
Adoption Director
LUND of Vermont
PO Box 4009
Burlington, VT 05406-4009
Phone: 802-864-7467 ext. 2007 or 802-373-6095

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Each child has his or her own permanency planning counselor.
Contact that social worker to inquire.

Project Family envisions a society in which every child feels safe, cared for, and part of a loving family. Society in which foster care is understood, embraced, and supported by everyone.

Our vision is not yet reality. There continues to be children who are abused or neglected, and for whom it is not safe to stay at home. When identified, the custody of these children is transferred to the Vermont Department for Children and Families (DCF). These children need safe, nurturing places to live while they can’t be at home. It is up to the State to find foster care for these children. Foster care is not a magical cure-all, but a time-proven way of helping children and families in need.

In 2000, the Vermont Department for Children and Families joined with Lund – our state’s largest and oldest nonprofit adoption agency – to create Project Family. Project Family can recruit for respite providers, foster families, and adoptive families for children currently in DCF’s care.

Heart Gallery is a traveling photo exhibit of children awaiting their forever families.

Project Family is dedicated to:

  • Finding parent(s) for Vermont children in need; and
  • Helping parent(s) and children access the support and services they need in order to be successful.