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Name: Damarion
Age: 9
Photographer: Lyzanethia Howard
Status: Onhold(Adoption Finalized Jan 2018)

Date created: 09:42PM Tuesday 11/29/16
Last updated: 03:38PM Wednesday 02/07/18

Name: Jamie Cook
Email: jamie.cook@chsfl.org
Phone: (772) 429-2001
Address: 650 10th ST
City: Vero Beach Florida 32960


Damarion is a bright and charming boy who is as creative as they come. He enjoys creating and building and is an avid Lego builder and Minecraft fan.

A lover of the outdoors, Damarion enjoys playing outside and riding bikes in his spare time. He's a techie, and when he's not playing outside he can usually be found hiding in his blanket fort with his headphones and tablet playing video games.

Damarion's ideal forever family has two parents and no other children in the home. He does best with structured time and lots of consistency.

We have found this program beneficial in finding families for our children. We ask that as you view the children, consider that they live in our communities. Respect their right to privacy, and be aware that they may attend school or church, or play at the local park with your children and relatives. The availability of their pictures leaves our children recognizable and vulnerable to negative attention. Although we strive to protect them, we need your help. Thank you!

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