Chawnsae and Damark

"All Children Deserve a Family"

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Names: Chawnsae and Damark
Ages: 17 and 15
Photographer: Peter Acker
Status: Active

Date created: 10:14PM Sunday 08/07/16
Last updated: 10:25PM Sunday 08/07/16

Name: Matthew Straeb
Phone: (954) 850-6606
Address: 202 island circle
City: Sarasota Florida 34242

Chawnsae and Damark

Chawnsae and Damark are two handsome, smart, and very likable children. They love sports and, in particular, they love basketball. They enjoy family time, planned outings, and have a sense of humor that will keep you full of laughter. In their free time, Chawnsae loves to be out with his friends at either the skating rink or indoor arcade. During Damark's free time, he enjoys riding his bicycle and playing basketball. Both children love good tasting pizza and all-you-can-eat food buffets. Both boys are very tech savvy when it comes to electronics and are constantly up-to-date with the latest trends. These children desire a loving family to hold on to them when things get difficult and you will eventually see two great boys turn into phenomenal men.

Chawnsae and Damark

We have found this program beneficial in finding families for our children. We ask that as you view the children, consider that they live in our communities. Respect their right to privacy, and be aware that they may attend school or church, or play at the local park with your children and relatives. The availability of their pictures leaves our children recognizable and vulnerable to negative attention. Although we strive to protect them, we need your help. Thank you!

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