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Meet the children at: The Indiana Heart Gallery is presented by the Indiana Department of Child Services in collaboration with Transform Consulting Group.

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About the Indiana Heart Gallery

The Indiana Heart Gallery is a traveling photographic exhibit featuring children in foster care who need and deserve a safe and loving home. The gallery showcases remarkable professional portraits of and stories about foster children in Indiana – all of whom long for loving and safe homes. The dramatic photos put a face on a sometimes invisible need and remind families that adoption can change lives.

The Indiana Heart Gallery was created by the Indiana Department of Child Services in 2007 as one way to help these incredible children share their stories and hope of joining a family and encourage families to adopt. Many of the foster children featured in the gallery are older or special needs children, minorities, or members of a sibling group. All are considered hard-to-place children. Our goal is to keep the Heart Gallery moving until all of the children are adopted!

About the Children

The Indiana Heart Gallery celebrates the amazing spirit and steadfast resilience of the hundreds of Hoosier children who are awaiting adoption. Staff at the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) cherish each child and want to help them all find their way to safe and loving homes, call 1.888.25.ADOPT.

You Can Help

Enrich your Life – Consider Adoption

The challenges can be great, but so are the rewards. Adoption provides unique opportunities that transform a child’s life while simultaneously enriching the life of the adoptive parent or family who welcomes him or her. If you would like to find out more about becoming an adoptive parent, contact the Special Needs Adoption Program Specialist in your area at 1.888.25.ADOPT.

Host a Heart Gallery

A mini-gallery is a collection of portraits highlighting a small group of Indiana foster children who are in need of an adoptive family. The mini-gallery is compact, using floor space approximately 6 feet by 6 feet. The display is self-contained and does not require maintenance. The mini-gallery can be hosted for a day, a week or longer. We will deliver it, and all you need to do is set aside a small area for the display. There is no cost to you.

If you have an interest or know the perfect location for a minigallery please contact us at .

A picture is truly worth a thousand words: One look at the gallery reveals hope in spite of difficult circumstances. Although many of the children were removed from abusive and neglectful situations, their photos show they love to laugh, are eager to learn, and enjoy being with friends. Most of all, the children dream of finding a family to call their own.

We have found this program beneficial in finding families for our children. We ask that as you view the children, consider that they live in our communities. Respect their right to privacy, and be aware that they may attend school or church, or play at the local park with your children and relatives. The availability of their pictures leaves our children recognizable and vulnerable to negative attention. Although we strive to protect them, we need your help. Thank you!

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